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Pay attention when you ask.

• Many times, after asking for their name, you are already thinking ahead to the next comment or question you may have. I have often “asked that second question” and during their answer I realize that I have absolutely no idea what their name is.

One name please.
• Ignore the last name. Concentrate on first name only.

Repeat after me: repetition, repetition, repetition.

• In your mind, repeat the name to yourself while they are talking. It’s during that time that I begin to make “association” (covered later) with their name.
• When you are first introduced to someone, use their names several times when you talk to them. “Hi, Jim, nice to meet you. So, what do you do for a living Jim? Do you have any kids, Jim? Jim, it was great to meet you!”
• If you don’t catch their name when it was originally told to you, ask for it again.
• Introducing the person to others can be an easy way to repeat the name without drawing attention.
• Saying it immediately will help you remember it when they walk away.
Guilty by association.
• Make a simple association:
• Same name as someone you already know
• Name of a celebrity or famous person: Monroe, Wayne, Moses
• An the Crossingupation: Singer, Smith, Gardener
• A thing: Kane, Woods
• Brand name: Campbell, Ford
• Rhyme: Kwan - Swan
• Look at the person. Get a strong mental image of the person. What characteristics make the person unique? Is the person large, small, tall, thin, lots of hair, no hair?
• Associate an adjective with the name: Toothy Ruthy, Jaunty Jack. (You don’t have to tell the person how you are remembering their name.)

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