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What You See Is What You Get

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One day in a big farm a pig managed to get out of its corral and rambled through the land down the road. It walked to a place near the stables where there was a big mud pond and splashed in it for a while. Then it poked around and had a feast eating from the natural fertilizer pile and garbage cans close to the big house.

There was no one in sight, so it wandered all the way through the patios and grounds sniffing the dirt and soil around the well-cared lawns and colorful gardens. Eventually he returned to the corral, where the other animals where impatient to hear what the pig had seen.

It was bombarded with questions about what it had seen through the windows of the big house; everyone had heard the place was packed with luxurious tapestries, fine furniture, famous paintings, and silver everywhere. But the pig responded, “I didn’t see anything of the sort, there was only mud, dirt, garbage, and putrefaction everywhere I went”.

The moral behind this: we get what we focus on. If you believe your world is rich and full of blessings and opportunities, it is; if you believe your world is full of rubbish and difficulty, it is. As simple as that, but, why is this? Well, simply because that’s where your attention is. What you focus on becomes your reality.

Your focus is intimately related to your life circumstances, and these circumstances are defined by the people you relate to, your habits, your views of reality, your optimistic or pessimistic attitudes, your perception of change – as a threat or an opportunity-, the responsibility you take for your choices, your sense of self, your authenticity, your passion, your commitment, your spirit, your purpose, your personal growth and development, and the kind of energy you transmit.

The focus and circumstances of your life, team, and business are defined by three crucial questions:

1.Where am I going? – This is your vision of your future.

2.What do I believe in? – This encompasses your principles and values.

3.Why do I exist? – This is your purpose or mission.

These questions define your life and guide your choices, your genuineness, your passion, your level of commitment, your spirit, your growth and development, and your capacity to energize and inspire others.

Visions are values projected into the future, and both spring from purpose. These three, visions, values, and purpose, are unified and indivisible, and when they are all aligned, every dream you dream will become a reality.

You can see your life as a huge magnet that attracts whatever you ask for and focus on, positive or negative people, circumstances, and situations. The law of attraction is a natural law just like gravity, and it is at work every day, whether you believe it or not, whether you perceive it or not. If you want to change what you attract, you have to change your focus. If you haven’t been attracting what you want, change what you are paying attention to, and you will see your life improve.

What have you attracted in the past five years? Do the people, circumstances, and events that surround you, make your life great? If not, try seeing things from a different perspective, change your focus, and transform your life!

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