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Deep in the heart of every leader is a desire to become a better leader. Even if you don’t have a plan, you have the desire. I break down my development into three areas: spiritual, personal, and leadership. There’s no finish line in these areas. I want to be growing in each area at all times, although from time to time I do lean heavily into one area.

I’m very fortunate to work in a culture that values personal development. Not all organizations place a high value on their people’s growth. Whether you work in a culture that values development or ignores development, there are two questions that need to be answered.

Question 1: Who should be responsible for my personal development?

I am. No need to beat around the bush on this question. You are responsible for your development. Regardless of whether or not your boss or your church is pouring into your development, you must take responsibility for it. If you rely on others to develop you, you will eventually lose interest. You may even develop some unhealthy dependence habits. You’re the only person who can truly determine where you want to go, so you must take responsibility for getting there.

Question 2: Who should be involved in my personal development?

You should not be the only person interested. Ideally, your boss and your organization should take your development seriously. Hopefully, they have a plan to help you grow as a person and a leader. If you are part of a team or an organization that wants to develop you, celebrate that! Take full advantage of what is offered.

If you are not surrounded by people who want to help you grow, begin by trying to develop the people who work for you. Pour into them. Make them better. Maybe your plan and their growth will spark those above you. Also look for outside influences. Find people ahead of you in different areas of your life and ask them to help you develop in the areas you need the most growth.

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