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I played a lot of basketball when I was young and my primary focus in every game was to score. Oh I loved to win too, but if our team lost and I scored double digets that was okay because “I won”. Sometimes leaders develop this same mentality: “It doesn’t matter if the organization is losing as long as I’m performing well individually”. But when we develop this self-absorbed addiction for personal performance it blinds us to the giftedness, potential and contribution of others.

Leaders we have to remember that we’re responsible for making each player on our team better so the organization can win. It’s interesting that the older I get the more rewarding it is to watch other people win. Watching someone I’ve coached speak well, teach well or lead well is extremely satisfying. It’s fun watching the organization win as more and more players are contributing their best. So what can you do to help others win?

  • Listen to their dreams. Ask someone on your team, “If you could do anything what would it be?” and watch them light up as they describe what’s deep within their heart. Listen intently and try to see their dream as clearly as they see it.
  • Resource their ideas. If you can help fund their ideas do it. If not find other ways to resource their ideas by helping them get the training, books, relationships or experiences they need to take their ideas to the next level. Sometimes you may feel you have nothing to offer but you can give encouragement or hope which can be a priceless resource for someone who has a dream.
  • Network them with others. A well networked leader will be a growing leader. When you connect people of similar passions and mission you open up doors of new opportunities, ideas, wisdom and experience that will change their lives.
  • Develop their strengths. Focusing on weaknesses can hold people back from becoming all that God created them to be. Help others not only discover their strengths but develop them to the fullest potential. Help them see the specifics of what they do well.

Who is God calling you to assist in a win today?

Mac Lake

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