Crossing LeadershipTRAX

Customized Leadership Development Tool

Identify a Key Job Responsibility

Create a list of no more than seven competencies (skills) that are necessary to do that responsibility well

Have the learner rank themselves 1-5 on each competency

Choose one area to work on and create a 30 day growth plan

Follow-up and share your progress

This young man chose the responsiblity of Leading a Worship Band. Here is
the customized tool we developed for that particular responsiblity.

1 Read each sentence below and rank yourself on each of the competencies.

SCALE: 1 = I don’t have a clue 2 = I know a little bit 3 = I have some
experience 4 = I’m fairly confident 5 = I do this really well

Leading a Band requires the following competencies… rank yourself 1-5 on each.

Dynamic of Worship – The leader understands the rhythm, focus and dynamics of each song in order to maximize that particular songs message

Confrontation – The leader brings correction or adjustment to each team members attitude and performance

Connect with team – The leader connects with team members by communicating and relating to them outside of church services

Spiritual leadership – The leader brings spiritual insights and encouragement to the team and serves as a model for spiritual leadership.

Encouragement – The leader helps each team member understand and maximize the strengths they bring to the team.

Communication – The leader communicates clearly before rehearsal by informing members of service details in advance and during rehearsal by addressing each team member in a way that brings clarity and understanding.

Servant Leadership – The leader models servant leadership by serving each member of the team with humility and kindness.

Time management – The leader will effectively manage rehearsal time by starting and ending on time as well as sufficiently covering all songs according to the need of the band members.

2 Next work with your mentor or learning group to choose one area you will focus
on over the next 30 days.

3 Write down 3-4 next steps you can take to help you develop that particular competency.

Use the following to help prompt your thinking about your next steps:

I will read…

I will meet with…

I will Google search…

I will do…

I will listen to…

I will observe…

I will go…

4 Meet again within 30 days with your partner or mentor and share your progress as well as
what you have learned.

I would recommend discussing the following questions:

What next steps did you take?

How well did you do?

What would you do differently?

What did you learn?

Who are you personally developing? Create your a customized growth tool by following the steps listed above. Give it a try over the next 30 days and see what

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