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3 Power Tips to Beat the Energizer Bunny

3 Power Tips to Beat the Energizer Bunny

Posted by: jhersey in Leadership

Want to be a better energizer than the bunny with the drum? Wish you could just not only keep going, and going, and going… but energize everyone around you as well?

Some individuals are born leaders, no matter what they do or where they go. Their positive energy swamps the place with such an inspiring strength that everyone is affected by it. No matter how hard the times, they always manage to energize people. The impression one gets is that they live their life on their own terms, even if they have to follow the rules.

Positive energy translates into power. When these individuals enter a room, the place lights up, when they talk, everyone feels great; their energy attracts people like honey attracts Winnie the Pooh.

Energy is a crucial element of leadership; it is capable of empowering people at any moment, and in opposition to inspiration, which is a long-term scheme, energy is required day after day to keep things going.

We can offer you right away 3 power tips to help you become an energizer much more superior to the pink bunny:

1. Be inexorably focused on the bright side
Energizers always see the positive and run on it. These individuals possess such a strong positive personal presence that they turn enemies into friends; they greet, compliment and support the people around them in a way that shows they work for them and not for a given company; and they are always overjoyed to see everyone. This is the reason why people love meeting with them and they are always invited to everything.

Focusing on the bright side can prove to be the best strategic move a company can make.

2. Learn to turn negatives into positives
Energizers go for it, they do not accept to stay on negative grounds even under the worst scenarios. To give an example, an energizer may see unemployment as a good time to reflect and analyze options; he or she will always find the positive amid the chaos.

Believe it, energizers are not naïve. Through positive thinking and counting their blessings they are sharp analysts that recognize their weak points and pay close attention to criticism in order to get and be better.

An optimistic person is more open to criticism because he or she believes they can work on it. They get over phases by developing a strong armor against negativity; they may feel disheartened, but never victims of the circumstances.

3. Respond fast
Energizers get the best out of their time. They won’t tell you all the facts against something working; they just get it done. They will sit down and analyze, but will never stop acting. They answer emails and phone calls promptly, allowing them to do more.

Because of their level of response, others contact energizers to get information and connections. They are the keepers of endless information and huge personal networks; in other words, they hold success in their hands.

This type of energy is endless, renewable, and costs nothing. In order to become an energizer one must only stay active, positive, open, and have a mission. Can you do it?

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