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This website gives you access to Nave’s Topical Bible free of charge.  The benefit of such a tool is specifically word studies, in that you can search the entire resource by typing a word into the search

engine.  The results present all of the references in the entire Bible in which that particular word is found.  With a simple click, you can then read each of the contexts in which your word appears.


This website functions as a hub for powerful search engines that can help you in your biblical studies.  The page has multiple areas for you to type in your topic or passage, in which the particular area

utilizes a different search tool.  For example, there are search tools for: Strong’s concordance, Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon, Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, Encarta Encyclopedia, or simply a search

tool for the whole internet.  This could be a powerful tool that allows you to study multiple avenues from the same webpage.


This section of is dedicated to offering a wide array of tools for biblical word studies.  You can search for your particular word in multiple bible translations simultaneously, the entire

internet, sermons, Bible dictionaries, Bible encyclopedias, and even a Webster’s thesaurus.  In doing biblical word studies, you will not need much more than this website has to offer.


This powerful tool enables you to search for particular words in the entire bible, in just a book of the bible, or even in a verse of the bible.  The search results give you a broken down presentation of

each verse that your word appears in, and the option to go further in defining the word with multiple help links for your study.  This can be accomplished in English, Greek, and Hebrew.  This is an

incredible, free tool for Bible word studies.

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