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Biblical Culture/Customs

This link takes you to a webpage that connects you to a significant number of articles that focus on particular topics regarding certain cultural and historical issues you might encounter in biblical study. 

The topical articles are categorized under four sections: general, Old Testament, Intertestamental Period, and New Testament.  While specific research on a particular topic may be difficult from this

website, you can get a good feel for some of the pressing cultural/historical issues that contribute to biblical study.


This website is dedicated to research regarding biblical customs and culture.  There are lengthy articles on various topics including: biblical measurements, eating, clothing, transportation, farming,

holidays, money, animals, and even plants/trees.  You can get a wealth of information that allows you to piece together the everyday life of a typical person of the Bible.

Last updated by Sonny Woollard May 26, 2010.


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