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This website, also referred to as, is a great place for general bible study in multiple areas of interest.  The website offers a variety of avenues for study including: interlinear Bibles,

commentaries, concordances, Bible dictionaries, sermon illustrations, and many other options from which to choose.  It is a great place to start your research since there are so many elements offered

in one place and at one time.


This website has the potential to be an amazing site for biblical study.  At the time of the writing of this book, a lot of the features for this site were still under construction, but the future possibility of

what this will have to offer is astounding.  There are portals for: free online encyclopedia with over 2,000 articles, ancient text library, online bible with cross-references, free software downloads, daily

bible studies, and even a forum that offers an interactive community.  Keep your eye on this site for future functionality, because this will be an incredible tool.


Blue-letter Bible is an amazing tool for biblical studies…for free.  This website is amazing in its power and results.  You can start off by simply typing a passage, topic, or phrase, and then Blue-letter

Bible guides you to a wealth of information including: parallel passages, Greek/English concordance, selected commentaries, related hymns or images, maps, and dictionary aids.  Another important

feature is the ability to have about 13 different translations listed in parallel form for any verse or passage of your choice.  The possibilities of this tool for biblical studies are virtually endless and



This is the website for the most powerful computer digital library that is in existence.  Logos (or the Libronix Digital Library) offers many different packages to purchase that contain the tools to do any

study that is referenced in this book.  While the prices may seem extravagant, you can literally have entire commentary series, word study tools (Greek, Hebrew, and English), any number of books,

and powerful search tools at your finger tips and everywhere you go.  There is no more important computer tool for biblical study than the Logos system.


This website offers a number of biblical study opportunities.  While it offers searches through Bibles, Bible dictionaries, Topical Bibles, Bible concordances, and many other study tools, it also offers the

possibility of downloading these programs to your computer for use offline at a reasonable price.  In addition, you can download “speaking Bibles”, which allow you to hear the Bible in multiple

languages aloud.  There is also a section of free Bible software downloads with an assortment of options.

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