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This website offers a decent selection of online commentaries that you can use in your study free of charge.  You can tap into a variety of works, including: J.W. McGarvey’s Harmony of the Four

Gospels, the Geneva Study Bible, and even A.T. Robertson’s Word Studies on the Greek New Testament.  This source gives you a wide selection of commentary resources for your study.


This webpage is a section of Blue Letter Bible.  Specifically, this section of the website offers the textual commentaries of about 23 different authors, which include: John Calvin, Alfred Edersheim,

Matthew Henry, J.B. Lightfoot, Martin Luther, and Charles Spurgeon.  This is a great way to get a wide array of perspectives from different periods of time on a particular text.


Using this tool, you can search for a topic or a passage in Bible commentary tools, specific commentary sets, and even sermons by people like Charles Spurgeon.  The powerful search engine with the

multiple tools gives this site obvious advantages to the careful researcher.


This website gives you access to Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary…for free.  This small commentary written by Henry in 17-18th centuries has blessed the church with exegetical insights for

centuries.  Each book of the Bible has comments on it by Henry on this website.

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