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Biblical Archaeology

This website is in the blog format that gives you access to various articles, links, and even videos from experts focusing specifically on biblical archaeology.  The extreme upside of this website is the

consistent updating of the information on the website as more archaeological information is discovered.  Furthermore, they have their blog entries archived on the left hand side of the page based on

topic for more convenient searches.


The Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) sponsor this website as their base of operations.  The BAS are dedicated to examining, reporting, and utilizing the most up-to-date archaeological evidence to

help re-create the biblical world for our interpretative endeavors.  The BAS puts out the Biblical Archaeology Review, which is a magazine totally dedicated to archaeological finds that are pertinent to

biblical study.  This website will give you access to various articles, resources, and opportunities in biblical archaeology.

Last updated by Sonny Woollard May 26, 2010.


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