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This website offers free downloads of multiple versions of the bible for free.  There are links that connect you to various websites where the downloads are available for free.  You can then listen to the

Bible through your computer, burn them to CD, or even put them on your iPod for your convenience.  Immersing yourself in the word of God has never been easier.


This link takes you to a section of website, which is a site dedicated to connecting interested students to various resources and tools for theological study and training.  The specific section of that this address takes you to is a place where you can download the NET Bible for free in a number of different formats.


This link offers free biblical software that you can download for your computer or even your palm pilot.  You can download Bibles, books, and many other resources for free from this site.  Also, this site

functions as a hub to a multitude of other computer resources that you can download for free or purchase, depending on the particular item located.

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