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This link offers a map of the entire Chronology of the Nation of Israel, presented by Wil Pounds.  In timeline form, the website presents the scripture references, Kings, time period, prophets, and

foreign powers.  This is a great visual presentation of this potentially confusing arrangement of people, times, and places in the Old Testament.


This website offers free high resolution maps.  The site is somewhat limited in that it offers only about 26 different maps, but the quality of these maps is great. There is a section of the webpage that

offers various other links to other places for some resources that may prove to be of some help to you in your various studies.


This is a great website flooded with dozens of maps focusing on key cities, locations, and even time periods that impact biblical interpretation.  The only downside of this website is the organization of

the maps could be a little more user-friendly, but they are not lacking in their options.  In addition, there are links on the side of the webpage that connect you with various other resources for further



This website offers biblical maps with a twist.  There is a great interface at this link where you can type in any biblical reference (book and chapter), and then, the map will go to a Google earth location

that matches with the reference you inserted.  This is a great tool to see where the biblical locations are found in today’s world.


This link will take you to an amazing hub for biblical maps.  You will find maps dedicated to the apostle Paul’s missionary journeys, various bible timelines, Old Testament maps, New Testament maps,

Ancient Roman Empire maps, general world maps, and even biblical genealogy maps.  If you are looking for ways to bring the bible to life, exploring this website of important biblical maps will help you



Google Earth is an amazing tool for modern-day map study.  This program is literally satellite photographs of the entire earth that is updated continually.  You can literally type in an address and zoom

in so close that you can see cars parked in driveways.  This is a great tool for comparative studies of the terrain of the ancient world compared to the development of the same terrain in today’s

society.  Can you find your house?


This link offers an extremely helpful chart that lines out every king reigning in each area of the divided kingdom along with the corresponding prophets set out on a timeline.  In addition, the ruling

empire is mapped out on the bottom of the page so that you can see what king reigned and what prophet spoke during the reign of the Assyrians, Babylonians, or the Persians.  This is a great tool to

use for Old Testament studies.


Similar to Google Earth, this website is a catalogue of satellite photographs taken from NASA themselves.  While this is not as interactive as Google Earth, it is still extremely useful for still frame

research to show the comparative development of the terrain from the ancient times to the present condition of it.

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